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Optical Illusions: Drawing Shapes into Forms

Add your Sumopaint artwork to this GOOGLE PRESENTATION

Wrapping it up!


Week of Feb 24th:

Congratulations on a successful fair!
Please take a few moments to carefully fill out this form with your own personal feedback.
Link to Individual Reflection Google Form
I have already collected and examined the group feedback, I am interested in hearing your personal thoughts. Add any information you think would be helpful or important for me to know in the comment questions.

Once you are finished, you can spend some time looking through the images from the fair HERE and updating your E-Portoflio.

Things to Include:
**Group Photo (Linked HERE)
** Summary of your experience (at least 1 paragraph: well-written, detailed, explaining the process and end product you created)

Optional: Embed/Link Videos
**Group Presentations and or Feedback (linked in folders below)
**PBL Fair Video made by ASB (Linked Here!) 

Week of Feb 17th

PBL: Making Something from Nothing!


4A PBL Presentation Videos
4B PBL Presentation Videos
4C PBL Presentation Videos

Groups are in the midst of creating their "useful object" from recycled or found objects.  The product must a) serve a purpose in travel b) fit the carry on regulations of airlines (size, materials etc), and c) look aesthetically pleasing.  They will be presenting these projects in sales pitches to a frequently flying audience soon!

Complete Group Reflection on Friday!
Link to Google Form (in case this embeded form doesn't work)

-----GRADE 4 ASB AIRLINES FAIR!----------

Friday, February 21st, Grade 4 artists will be revealing their group projects created during the last month as part of their collaborative Project-Based Learning unit in art focusing on using recycled or found objects and materials!

PBL units focus on developing 21st century skills by providing students real-life application for their learning and very importantly, an authentic audience to share their learning with.  The students have been challenged in small groups to create a product that would be useful for a passenger during air travel. The ideas they have come up with are creative and varied- ranging from neck pillows to carry-on luggage to noise cancelling headphones and entertainment for long flights. They are excited to announce  the opening of the ASB Airlines Art Fair, with doors opening at 8:15.  As frequent fliers, your input on their ideas and process would be extremely valuable as part of this authentic audience.  You are invited to come and browse the products, learn from the students about the collaboration and problem-solving required to create their designs, and the hear about the challenges they faced along the way.  Your thoughtful and honest feedback will be requested to help us reflect on our prototypes and consider improvements in moving forward with the designs to truly make them useful, air-worthy products.  

Who: Grade 4 Students
What: ASB Airlines Art Fair
When: Friday, February 21 
8:15-8:45  Fair (at this time guests are invited to learn more about the products & offer advice or ideas for improvements through feedback forms)
8:50-9:10  Students will have the chance to receive feedback from an expert in the airline industry, and have time for Q&A
9:10-9:30  Groups go over the feedback forms for their products and spend time reflecting on the process and next steps as a group
Where: ASB ES Campus, Art Room- 1st Floor
Why: Celebrate our learning and receive helpful feedback from an authentic audience! 

Parents and Teachers, your presence and support as an authentic audience from 8:15-8:45 would be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the students' reflection process. We hope you are able to join us for this exciting celebration of learning and finding solutions to challenges we faced in the design process. 



Art Post: Add your photo onto your eportfolio (crop/edit FIRST-using your computer or picmonkey- if needed) and write a reflection answering the following question:

How or Why would an artist use line quality in their artwork?

Make sure you educate your audience in explaining what line quality IS and how YOU used it in your project along with some thoughts or advice for explaining why it's important to someone else :)

ALSO... Add your image to this Gr 4 Google Presentation!
(we'll be showing at school and sharing it on the blog for all to see!)


Unit 2: Environmental Art: Sharing our Planet as an Artist
Part 1: Line Quality
Students will explore the basic element of line in artworks.  Looking for lines in every day life will lead to realizations of the wide variety of lines found in nature, and in turn the variety of lines an artist can use in their work.  When an artist wants to create visual interest in a drawing, they can add line quality to their drawings. Students will create unique drawings with expressive line quality inspired by their surroundings and their current study of the environment and mangrove forests in particular.  Observational drawing is a common technique for artists to use because they simply draw what they see.  Line quality can help abstract and bring interest to an ordinary object or view. 

Part 2: Recycled and Found Art
Environmental artists are able to use recycled or natural materials to create works of art that convey a message to society.  Looking at the numerous implications of pollution and garbage (particularly in Mumbai), students will get a hands on experience making "something" from "nothing".  We'll explore a few contempoary environmental artists including Andy Goldsworthy, Jack Dahlson, and even Miss Drishti!  Using unwanted or recycled materials from school or home, students will create a piece of art that makes a statement and shares a message with the ASB community. 

Unit 1: Self-Portrait Comic Prints

To start off this year we will be exploring the fun and creative drawing techniques used in comic book illustrations.  Practicing tips and strategies to improve our drawings such as starting with basic shapes, adjusting the size and shape of features, and focusing on expressions will help us create our own self-portraits as comic book characters!  Once we've mastered our drawing skills we will use styrofoam printmaking to print our final masterpieces to display and share.  Because each student will get two pieces of styrofoam to print (head and body) we will have a good time swapping up our comic self-portraits with our classmates! The beauty of printmaking is the ability to reproduce the same drawing or piece of art over and over in different colors and different places. Looking forward to seeing us learn and laugh together in this project! 


Looking forward to the creative moments we'll have in Grade 4 this year! 

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