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Coach Dax and I in Sikkim (NE India)
This is my third year at the American School of Bombay and I am thrilled to be returning to the fun and creativity that fills the elementary art room. We are blessed with a beautiful art room in the elementary campus and I can't wait to see the creative ideas that will come alive this year. 

 I am originally from Iowa in the heart of midwest USA but have a love for traveling. I've studied, taught, and traveled my way through parts of central and south America, Egypt, bit of Europe and am really enjoying exploring India and the south east Asia region. My husband, Coach Dax, also teaches at ASB (EC/KG PE). We've made many great memories through our travels. 

Married Coach Dax on July 3, 2012 in Iowa, USA! 
I am continually blown away by the blessings that life brings through relationships and experiences near and far from "home".  As an artist and a teacher I believe that mistakes can be made into miracles.  In my own art making I prefer creating expressive art through rich earthy colors and tangible textures in mixed media paintings with a strong 
background in printmaking.  

 I cherish the time spent with students and hope to help foster an eager curiosity to learn through art and creative thinking to produce imaginative and original leaders for today and our future. Looking forward to a great year together! 

-Mrs. Garrett : 

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